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collaboratio helvetica

collaboratio helvetica is a physical and digital platform for collaboration and innovation around the SDGs in Switzerland, which generates sustainable solutions and continued citizen engagement in societal transformation processes. We create spaces for dialogue, experimentation and collaboration to co-create the Switzerland we want to live in.

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Croatian Permaculture Association

Founded in 1995 by local permaculture pioneers, Croatian Permaculture Association is dedicated to personal and professional development of permaculture practitioners and their networking within Croatia, European Union and South East Europe.

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Dynamo New Generation Training

Dynamo helps since 2004 organizations in implementing New Generation Work. Through training, coaching and organization development we co-create with our clients. We have designed actionable tools to make change simple, short and smart. The 7 steps that we use are Smart interviewing, Smart advice, Smart meetings, Non-Hierarchical leadership, Jobcrafting, Teamcrafting and Co-creation.

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