Permaculture Children’s House

Permaculture Children’s House is a Thai Foundation and is an academy and education center based on: Permaculture Self directed Education (PCH is member of ASDE) Sociocracy or dynamic governance as a form of governance Collaboration instead of competition Agile...

Just Abundance, Inc.

Research and presentations to promote local sovereignty. Community Created Credit and Sociocracy shift the paradigm and give us a just and sustainable abundance. Additional Websites:

creaffective GmbH

creaffective is a 10 person consulting company with the primary driver to foster innovation and agility in organizations. We have been using Holacracy starting from 2016 and have now adapted and enriched our practice with Sociocracy 3.0 patterns.

Diana Leafe Christian Consulting

I teach Sociocracy (and other community-related topics) to ecovillages, cohousing intentional communities Sociocracy. I travel interntionally, based in US. I’m based in a rural ecovillage in North Carolina, in the U.S.