Industry Software and Internet
Size 16 - 100
Established 1999
Region(s) Europe and Switzerland
City Bern
Language(s) English, French, and German
Variant Other (first contact 2016)


Contact Person Alex Margot
Contact Email


We design products which matter.

We are eager to design digital products which make life simpler. We want to work on things that matter—to our clients, and to us.

We support our clients in User-Centered Design to optimise the User Experience of their website or web application. We consider the needs of their target audience, develop a solid UX strategy and in doing so identify a sustainable competitive advantage. We strive for a holistic approach and offer expertise in concept, research, design and development.

Experiences with Sociocracy

We call it P2POrg. Peer-to-peer (or short: P2P) describes the key idea behind our organisational system: Everybody participates as a peer. There are no hierarchies, at least not between people. The only hierarchies that we have are hierarchies of work.

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