Industry Non-profit
Size 1 - 15
Established 2016
Region(s) Switzerland
City Bern
Language(s) English, French, and German
Variant Sociocracy 3.0 (first contact 2017)


Contact Person Nora Wilhelm
Contact Email
Contact Link


collaboratio helvetica is a physical and digital platform for collaboration and innovation around the SDGs in Switzerland, which generates sustainable solutions and continued citizen engagement in societal transformation processes. We create spaces for dialogue, experimentation and collaboration to co-create the Switzerland we want to live in.

Experiences with Sociocracy

We organised a S3 training in September 2017. We mainly use S3 as basic building blocks of our work, such as CDM, drivers, domains, role descriptions, prioritised backlogs, peer reviews etc. Our governance is based on S3 and on need basis we pull in patterns such as Driver mapping or proposal forming.

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